Hi folks!

It’s been a while since last. I’m gonna say just how it is; I am busy. Busy as hell. Photographing to real estate agents, companys, weddings, northern lights, yeah pretty much everything there is. I have tons with pics that I want to show you guys, but I simply don’t have the time blogging them right know. The winter is coming and then I’ll get more time to blog, I promise you that there’s plenty of interesting things waiting for you. If you follow me on facebook you may have seen more, it’s such a fast way to get one pic out. Follow me on http://www.facebook.com/photographerandrenordblom if you already don’t.

As I said, the winter is on it’s way, and with that comes the dark nights. And with that stars are being visible again. And because of the solar max we are being in this year, northern light (aurora borealis) is visible more often and stronger then ever, I will be shooting that more than before. I’ve been lucky to shoot it a couple of times know, as some of you know I live too far south here in Sweden to actually see northern lights, but they are here sometimes, and I have seen them. Actually every picture on the first row down here on the pic is captured in my hometown, 1500 km souther than Abisko, one of the best places on earth if you want to see the aurora. Since I published my first photo on facebook of the aurora, I’ve been getting the question, do you sell prints? And as a result of that, I now want to show you my finished web based print store. You find it in the menu on my page, and in the store you find a lot of aurora pics, pictures of the stars, the milkyway, and other landscape photos too. Today there’s about 40 pictures in there, and as the times fly by I will publish more pictures. This season will be filled with aurora hunting, and therefore there will be alot more pictures of that in the store as the time goes by.

So, take a look, if you’re interested, place your order and I will do my best keeping the time from print to your wall as fast and short as possible.


Print store.

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